You do not need to work for a corporation to get
IT support services at home. 

Ever since computers emerge in the hands of all of us, we have in one way or another needed the support of experts to help navigate the issues of hardware of software within our devices. Large corporations depend on I.T Support to keep, maintain and secure network environments and deal with day-to-day issues of computing.

In 2013, PCLand designed a plan to help individuals and families to get the same level of support that they will get if they have an I.T. department. With the difference that we will make more personalized. 

Our solution not only protects your device but also monitors the health of your device to keep it running as expected. 

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Most of the time we frustrated ourselves with day-to-day computer issues with no help on the horizon. 

Now you have the option to choose reliable and knowledgeable support once you sign up with the protection plan.

Common issues we can help...see below.

  • Not enough space for updates

  • Automatic updates causing errors

  • Bluetooth isn’t working

  • Cortana isn’t working

  • Can’t open Windows Store or can’t download apps

  • Wi-Fi unstable, slow, or won’t connect

  • Printer won’t connect

  • Spammed by notifications

  • Files are opening in different apps

  • Startup times are slow

  • The Search Bar or Start Menu disappears

  • An update caused the Blue Screen of Death

  • Teams or Outlook have stopped working

  • The audio is screeching during playback

Professional support and so much more when you sign up.

We are a US local support with the most knowledgable and experienced technicians.

(813) 996-0351

Customize your support plans and enjoy the benefits.

A one-time fee of $ 150.00

for setup and configuration

A one-time fee of $ 200.00

for setup and configuration

A one-time fee of $ 400.00

for setup and configuration

Terms and Conditions

All remote sessions are encrypted. PCLand does not sell or exchange any personal information, we are not responsible for any data lost during any remote connection. PCland uses Comodo security software. The essential plan doesn't cover local onsite onsite services, only the standard and premium plan covers local onsite service. The plan does not cover any hardware cost, only labor. Consultant shall not be responsible for loss of data or reinstallation of customer installed software. The term of the contract is for one year.

All initial fees are waived if you bring your system for repair or if we remote in and fix an issue with the device.

(813) 996-0351



Our remote support software enables us to access your device remotely to provide support. The remote connection allows us to see the screen of the remote device on their own screen in real-time, and in most cases, we take control of the remote device to troubleshoot issues and perform other tasks.


With unlimited in-store diagnostics you will receive one of the great benefits of this service is the fact that we can diagnose the problem and furthermore we can prevent major issues from occurring. If you are local you can bring the system to our location for more diagnostic at no extra charge


Prevention, prevention is the key. We have worked thoroughly to minimize the downtime due to an unforeseen event. Our solution monitors the health of principals components on the device, such as the processor, ram, hard drive, infections, malware.


As the industry becomes more invasive with viruses, malware, and exploits software. Many individuals struggle to keep up with virus definitions, and what is the best security software to buy or use. We take the guest out of you and we will install our Antivirus and spyware solution which will scan periodically and if an infection is detected ith will resolve the issue.


We all have been in the situation where we just don't know whom to call for software, printing, or everyday issues with the device. Well, now you have no problem. Just pick up the phone and we will help


The majority of the time, your email system is not working, you are not receiving emails, or people are not getting your email. Or you just need help creating rules in your mailbox. How about getting a new email address. PCLand can help you.


Semi-annual tune-ups and optimize For a computer, a tuneup refers to improving the performance of the computer by way of several processes. These processes can include the removal of temp files, uninstalling computer programs, fixing computer errors, and cleaning up the registry. While the tuneup process can be done manually, we recommend our software program be used that is designed to perform the tuneup process automatically.


Tech support advise Our tech support team is responsible for handling installation errors, user issues, and any other technical problem that prevents our customer from having software or hardware issue. In essence, tech support focuses on helping our customers to use a product more effectively


Antivirus - Spyware - Firewal We spend a large proportion of our lives online, and some of the internet security threats we can encounter include: Hacking, where unauthorized users gain access to computer systems, email accounts, or websites. Viruses or malicious software (known as malware) which can damage data or make systems vulnerable to other threats. Identity theft, where criminals can steal personal and financial information. Our Internet Security solution protects your device against