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Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. It gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from PCs, the web, and mobile devices. It integrates fully with Active Directory, enabling administrators to use group policies, as well as other administration tools, to manage Exchange Online features across their environment.

Reasons to Consider Email Migration for Your Business

Emails are an essential part of modern-day business communication and they are essential in day-to-day communication among employers, employees, and clients. Emails grasp important business information and facilitate the easy flow of business data.

Many companies look to change their existing email providers to another email system, which guarantees greater benefits such as a secure platform

At PCLand your network security is our concern

The best reliable IT management support and computer network maintenance for small or medium busines.

Running an organization of any size without email is impossible. And let’s face it, Outlook is the world’s most popular solution for emails! That is why we take pride in providing high-quality Exchange consulting.

E-mail hosting is the most frequent entry point into Office 365 because of Exchange Online’s superior e-mail functionality and expansive capabilities along with minimal costs. This has caused to migrate countless e-mail accounts to Exchange Online by customer choice and demand. With built-in spam protection, it is an instant two-for-one e-mail solution with features that act as a front line of defense against cyber threats.

E-mail isn’t the only thing Office 365 has to offer. The platform is designed to be a collaboration space for business units and teams of any size. SharePoint Online is the perfect replacement to any traditional file server or replacements to the expensive alternatives of G-drive. 

setup and administration

Organizations that subscribe to Exchange Online retain control over the messaging services they offer to users, but they do not have the operational burden of on-premises server software. With the Exchange Online hosted plans described in this document, email is hosted on servers that support multiple customers simultaneously. These servers are housed in Microsoft data centers and are accessible to users on a wide range of devices from inside a corporate network or over the internet.

Migration options

Organizations should choose migration options based on their source email systems, the desired end state (fully hosted or partially hosted), the number of users to migrate, and how quickly the end state needs to be reached. Possible migration options are:

  • IMAP migration - Migrate mailbox data from IMAP-based email systems to Exchange Online.

  • Cutover Exchange migration - Migrate mailboxes from Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2010, Exchange 2013 and Hosted Exchange systems to Exchange Online in a single cutover migration.

  • Staged Exchange migration - Perform a staged migration to migrate mailboxes from Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 with web-based migration tools and minimal changes to on-premises infrastructure.

  • Remote move migration - Migrate on-premises Exchange mailboxes to Exchange Online in an Exchange hybrid deployment. You must have an Exchange hybrid deployment to use a remote move migration.

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Anti-spam and anti-malware protection

In Microsoft 365 organizations with mailboxes in Exchange Online, Exchange Online Protection (EOP) provides built-in malware and spam filtering capabilities that help protect inbound and outbound messages from malicious software and help protect your network from spam transferred through email. Admins do not need to set up or maintain the filtering technologies, which are enabled by default. However, admins can make company-specific filtering customizations.

Anti-malware protection


Using multiple anti-malware engines, EOP offers multilayered protection that's designed to catch all known malware. Messages transported through the service are scanned for malware (viruses and spyware). If malware is detected, the message is deleted. Notifications may also be sent to senders or admins when an infected message is deleted and not delivered. You can also choose to replace infected attachments with either default or custom messages that notify the recipients of the malware detection.

In Exchange Online, EOP scans inbound and outbound messages that are routed by the service, as well as internal messages sent from a sender in your organization to a recipient in your organization.

Exchange Online Protection

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is a cloud-based filtering service that protects your organization against spam, malware, and other email threats. EOP is included in all Microsoft 365 organizations with Exchange Online mailboxes


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Managed Services Description

Our service provides access to all of the engineering expertise and services required to provide your business with a comprehensive IT department and to maintain your IT systems. Our team is based in Land O lakes, FL. and has been providing services to companies across the Tampa Bay area. Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With our regularly scheduled business and technology meetings, never feel out of touch with your technology. Above all, we want to maintain a frequent and open dialogue with every customer to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology.

Most importantly, we will reduce the costs of downtime and business interruption. In short, knowing how your business operates enables us to ensure operations keep running smoothly

Benefits of Managed IT services

Environment assessment
PCland will gather and assess your data and documentation for your specific business needs. We will assess all existing equipment for any health and security issues. This is an important step towards building your technological vision.

Know your cost

We charge based on the number of endpoints in your organization. Hence, we offer customizable plans. These allow you to only pay for what is necessary.

Protect against cyber security

We take security very seriously. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your organization’s data and the network is secure, but also accessible to you when you need it.

Increased Productivity

Technology is only useful when it allows you to get more done with less. We are always evaluating the latest technology trends. Consequently, we know what will help you get more done. 



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