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Our phone system was designed to improve your business communication and increase your efficiency. Our wide range of features is customizable and creates a user-friendly phone experience for your employees and clients alike.

  1. Call Routing and Call Forwarding: Ability to effectively route and forward calls is useful and beneficial to businesses, especially those employing mobile or teleworkers. With the use of advanced technologies, such as Find Me – Follow Me, no important phone call is ever missed.

  2. Hunt Groups: Taking advantage of intelligent call routing helps businesses to maximize their customer service capabilities. Hunt grouping technology works to strategically route incoming callers to the best available employee.

  3. Voice and Data Integration: Helps businesses to bolster their CRM software to its greatest ability, by connecting the software with the phone system.

  4. Automated Attendant: By far the most beneficial tool of an IP telephony system, an auto attendant is designed to act as the first point of contact between the business and its consumers.

  5. Voice Activated Directory: Utilizing the latest in voice recognition enables callers to be routed to the correct person, department or sub listing simply by announcing who they are calling for.

  6. VoIP Conferencing: All of the best VoIP systems are compatible with web and video conferencing tools, allowing businesses to realize the full potential and cost savings of virtual conferences.

  7. Enhanced Voicemail: VoIP voicemail is accessible from any location, messages can be saved, catalogued, archived or received via email as downloadable attachments.

  8. Virtual Management Tools: Provides administrators with an effective method of adding or deleting users, monitoring metrics or making other management changes.

  9. Unified Communications Tools: Since VoIP is fully compatible with unified communications small businesses are able to realize the benefits of collaboration, enhanced productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

  10. Scalability: Unlike a conventional telephony system, VoIP is extremely scalable and is designed to grow with the business. Adding or moving a user on a conventional PBX can cost more than $100.00 and take a great deal of time. With a business VoIP solution changes can be made instantly, at little or no cost.


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