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Many companies are under the impression that Outsourcing is commodity-based, and often start their search this option by comparing prices.

However, lower costs typically equate to substandard service levels. You expect your Managed service provider to be an expert in the IT industry.

In order to prevent lost revenue, you should invest in an IT company that is capable of fixing, not simply shifting, your infrastructure.

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  • Less Downtime

  •  Fewer Day-to-Day Issues

  •  More Opportunities

  •  Flat-Rate IT Budget

  •  Infrastructure Protection

  •  Business Continuity

  •  A Good Night's Sleep


More organizations are turning over certain IT functions to Managed Service Providers, freeing internal IT staff to focus on strategic IT projects.

Here at PCLand we have the right solution that fits your needs.

Here are some reasons why managed IT services make sense for your business:

  • Consistent IT Spending. By monitoring business systems for problems before they occur, managed service providers keep expenses predictable, allowing you to confidently budget and plan for them.

  • Do what you do best. So why should you spend hours messing around with technology problems when you can leave those matters to skilled technicians and concentrate on your business? Our systems will constantly monitors our clients networks to spot and fix a problem without even having to let the business users know.

  • Say no to the "BREAK-FIX". Unlike “break-fix” vendors, who focus on fixing a discrete problem and moving on to the next one, Our solution of Managed Service looks at the bigger business IT picture. 

       We look for the weak points on the network and where it could use an upgrade, which might prevent a bigger problem.​

  • Keep up with the technology evolution. IT services are getting simpler to use and more complex to maintain, and that trend is sure to continue as all businesses use technology to try to accomplish more with fewer resources. Bottom line business owners just want IT to work as effectively as possible.

Take a look at whats included:

  • Software Patch Management

  • Event Log Monitoring

  • Virus, Spyware and Adware Software License and Monitoring

  • Asset Management

  • Monitoring

  • Event Log Monitoring

  • Backup Monitoring

  • E-mail Protection

  • End User Support Portal

  • Application Addition and Change Notification

  • Hardware Change Notification


Supplement your current IT department 

Already have an internal IT department or a technical guru on site that handles most of your day-to-day IT issues?

Our solutions aren't out to replace them, but we can certainly supplement and assist your current internal IT staff providing our 24x7x365 monitoring, maintenance, and support. Your current IT staff will be able to take advantage of us as we strive to prevent downtime. If your current IT department is overloaded, our solution is the perfect strategy for lightening their workload to ensure the rest of your company continues to function without a hitch.

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