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This plan is designed for those individuals who like to be protected and also experienced the importance of having a support team who can answer questions about day-to-day computer and software issues.

Our team will answer and help
as often as you need it

Our certified techs will help with answers to your computer problems. We all expect technology to work at all times, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Our tech can help close that gap and get your computer functioning more consistently. This may include tuning up your computer, backing up files, installing new hardware or software, or training you on steps you can take to be better educated about your device.

The structure of the plan allows our certified technicians to proactively monitor & maintenance for a healthier device and also our patch software solution puts your system on top of the game with the latest security release from Microsoft or Apple.

Our state-of-the-art security Comodo Client solution protects against intrusion with its own HIPS settings (Host intrusion Protection System) and malware. which complements perfectly with the detection of potentially unwanted applications. The integration of the Firewall makes the system filter inbound and outbound traffic.

A one-time setup fee of $ 150.00 is charged which covers the first month as well.

No issue is too big or too small for our tech experts. 
Our technicians have set high standards.

Just call us and watch your problem become ours.

Call us now! (813) 996-0351

$ 45.00  a month

Managing Home Finances

Prevention, prevention is the key. We have worked thoroughly to minimize the downtime due to an unforeseen events. Our solution monitors the health of principal components on the device, such as the processor, ram, hard drive, infections, and malware.

Working Mother

We all have been in situations where we just don't know whom to call for software, printing, or everyday issues with the device. Well, now you have no problem. Just pick up the phone and we will help

All remote sessions are encrypted. PCLand does not sell or exchange any personal information, we are not responsible for any data lost during any remote connection. PCland uses Comodo security software. The essential plan doesn't cover local onsite onsite services, only the standard and premium plan covers local onsite service. The plan does not cover any hardware cost, only labor. Consultant shall not be responsible for loss of data or reinstallation of customer installed software. The term of the contract is for one year. 

If you feel you are ready to 

move forward, simply 

give us a call at

(813) 996-0351

We will be ready to serve you!


Image by Carlos Muza

Each time I requested assistance with my computer problems, I have received succinct & professional help. They always resolve my problem. I would not deal with anyone else. Absolutely great.! 

Doing Homework

"This group has been nothing but amazing in helping me navigate the I.T. challenge within my business. Can't say enough good things"

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