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What is network infrastructure?

Network infrastructure connects devices together using an access point. But it’s also the hardware and software that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of a network. It provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, and external networks/the internet.


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Here at PCLand we help create, develop and implement a strong and stable network infrastructure

Whether you are building a new office or just moving/relocating the office we can design a road map to help you navigate through it.


is a Necessity
in Today's

A company’s productivity and efficiency depend on more than just capable, hardworking employees and high-functioning equipment like computers and phones.

Most businesses rely on the network to process customer orders and maintain client records. Communication between your business and your customers is vital, and it depends significantly on your network infrastructure.


Running a business smoothly requires a robust and secure network infrastructure. Businesses without a solid infrastructure in place are more likely to suffer from a poor user experience for employees and clients or security issues that can affect employee productivity, increase costs or even damage brand reputation. It’s important to understand what network infrastructure really means and why it’s vital for your business.

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Consider your network infrastructure to be the backbone of your daily operations: everything else in your business relies on the strength and reliability of that backbone to operate successfully.

PCLand is a single source for all design and network installations.

Whether you've bought a new office building, need to upgrade your network, needing maintenance, in need of repair, or are simply shopping around, getting a quote from our technicians is easy!


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Intermittent network lost

How often you lost network connectivity

Most of the time loss of network connection is due to poor network cable management.

Not having a network patch with cable management can create major bottling necking on your network. 

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Network Down

Cable tangling 

Receiving a call from clients asking to revive a network failure is often considered an emergency.

PCLand can avoid your network down by creating a secure and sound network

With devices that are easy to identify and managed. 

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Can not find the router

Where is my router?

Under such an unmanaged cable setup and amount of cables hanging from the wall or ceiling is almost an adventure to identify which one is the router or modem or which device is acting as a router

Not wait until it happen, we can help untangle and proper solve the issue


Problems with an Unreliable Network Infrastructure

    Since almost all of your business operations rely on the functioning of your network, an unreliable network can severely affect business operations – maybe even to the point of being non-operable! Without a strong network infrastructure, access to business data may be delayed or lost. Your productivity will drop, and you may not be able to fulfill customer orders. If your internet access is down, you may be unable to check your inventory, and your phone system may be affected if you use VoIP.

    If your employees are unable to access the information they need to do their jobs, they’re going to become frustrated. Employee morale will drop. In turn, customer satisfaction will decline as employees can’t meet the needs of your customers without a reliable network infrastructure, and you could end up with lousy customer reviews and a loss of repeat customers.

Voice and Data Cabling Services
  • LAN/WAN design and installation services

  • Wireless and mesh network installations and design

  • The optical fiber splicing, termination, and installation services

  • Complete outside plant cabling and design

  • Distribution systems, network layout services

  • Site surveys

  • Cable management and IT closet cleanup

  • Complete engineering services

  • Computer room design/builds

  • Complete IP video security installation and design

  • Baseband/broadband LAN/WAN network

If you feel you are ready to 

move forward, simply 

give us a call at

(813) 996-0351

We will be ready to serve you!

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