Here at PCLand considere data to be one of your most valuable business commodities. Customer records, invoices, documents and contact information are all essential components of your business. For this reason it is always best to back up your corporate data offsite in the event your office is shut down for any reason.

Becuause of this, we have two exceptional solution that will make your data backup very sucessful.

PCLand Data Backup is a solution that caters any user. but is mainly use for small& medium business. With PDB we can customize a disaster recovery solution that will fit your needs. For more information please call us at 813-996-0351

Carbonite is the other hand can be use for end users or businesses as well. click below to learn more about Carbonite

We partner with one of the most trusted Disaster Recovery company in the market 

Business data is irreplaceable – more so than ever before. The rate at which we’re all producing and creating far exceeds that of any point in history.  No longer is a paper file folder or single office enough; the business world has become a globally scaled environment.  

Today’s Business World:
And the Devastating Impact of Data Loss


PDB protects your business data regardless of location, device or environment.

You can securely and easily protect road warriors, branch offices and headquarters regardless of OS type or cloud deployment – public, private or hybrid.

Combining the power of the cloud with intelligent software is how DPC manages everything simply and easily while removing expensive hardware and multiple software solutions from the endpoint equation.